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SoulArt made with Love and Passion 

Marika Mustasilta is a painter and empowerment coach. Her passion is to bring her inner world to life through art, which is created intuitively and manifests itself in the form of abstract art.

Marika is also an intuitive energy healer. One of her life's missions is to help others. Through her own life experience and various courses and coaching programs, she has created her own way of coaching. Coaching is a combination of energetic, spiritual, and physical work for the best possible benefit of the client.

Original art by Marika Mustasilta

Marika is an intuitive and abstract painter from Finland. She loves nature and humanity in its all diversity. Painting is her greatest passion and all her artworks are made with the greatest love. Every painting has a special spiritual message in it, and they may touch your soul deeply. It is very common to feel unexpected love towards one of her works - this shows that the painting has a special message for you. Eventually, each one will find a home with that special person. If you would like a personalized touch to your painting, she can make one just for you, with love and a little bit of the universe.

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